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My CAM Room
Steps to Create and Host Your Own CAM Room on Pillow-Whisper - Clients link to your room from the home page

  • Go to My Account > My CAM Room
  • Select the amount of time that you want your session to last - 15, 30, 45 or 1 hour
  • Click Start or Extend Session
  • Scroll down and click on Your User Name in the box that says Participants 
  • Click Set Speaker 
  • Click Allow - You should be able to see yourself now
  • You are now Live!!! Clients will see you when they enter the CAM room
  • You can click on the link to invite all of your logged on clients or if you are on a call click on the invite your callers
  • When Adviser guests enter (you'll see adviser listings popup on the right when they enter the room) click on their user name then click Set Inquirer
  • You can let them be part of the show by clicking <b>set Inquirer</b>
  • You earn 20% of your guests adviser's tips and 10% of their calls

As soon as you create it, clients will be able to link to Your CAM Room from the home page. Seeing you live will increase your calls and tips.

Advanced Functions - To use the advance functions click on the link Click Here to See Advanced Functions

Member Control -
This function controls who's allow in the room.  By default anyone can enter the room.  You have the option of changing it to the following:
  • All Guests and Members
  • Members Only
  • Callers Only
Tips and Calls - Displays Tips and calls sent to you or any of your adviser guests

Voting - You can create a vote on anything.  This increases client participation.  If clients want to vote more than once they have to include a tip for the CAM Room Host.  To create a vote just:
  • Enter a question and possible answers
  • Select how long the vote will last
  • Click Start Vote
  • Click Voting Results to see the results of the vote