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Advertising on Craigslist
We already advertise but you can snag even more clients for free by advertising on CraigslistHere's How:

These are the general steps to follow:

  1. You put in the ad saying you want phone sex
  2. Guys reply via email saying they also want phone sex
  3. You reply to them via email with your listing link telling them to call you by clicking on the CALL BUTTON on the upper left. Tell them that new clients get ten free minutes.
  4. They go to your listing, register and call you

Here's more detail:

  1. Go to . On the upper left it will say “My Account” which takes you to 
  2. Create a Craigslist account by putting in your email and follow directions.   It might ask you to put in a phone number and put in a number to verify it, then your account is created. 
  3. Sign into your account, then go to again
  4. While you are signed in, go to the “casual encounter” or "dating," under personals and you will see “w4m.”  On the upper right side of this page, click “post".

An example of what to post is:

You can elaborate a bit on what you do, but DO NOT MAKE IT FAKE, meaning, if you have a gorgeous photo on your listing on do not use that image on . You need a believable ad and you need to say something generic.  That way, the ad will last longer(will not get flagged).


It will take approximately  5 to 15 minutes before it posts to Craigslist.  If you post in places like New York, L.A, Miami, dense places like that you will get more play then let’s say Idaho.

When you get replies, here are instructions on what to send potential new custies, and a template.
Press the Call Me Button on the upper left of your listing, this is mine:
Yours will have a different number on the end.

There is a link ICON (the sixth icon to the right on every GMAIL & yahoo reply box) which basically looks like a link.  

That is where you put all links so the person getting the email doesn't have to cut and paste.
Once you press that icon, there is a "TEXT TO DISPLAY" box where you put "click here baby," or something of that nature. That "DISPLAY TEXT OR TEXT TO DISPLAY" is where you put "CLICK HERE BABY TO SEE ME! "CLICK HERE TO SEE AND SERVE ETC"

You will see, "To what URL should this link go?" and THAT IS WHERE YOU PUT YOUR URL. REALLY SIMPLE!!
 SO, instead of this new customer seeing the ugly large url, he will see a blue link
 that will bring him to your listing!!


CALL ME FOR FREE  10 min free with credit card, 

3 min free without credit card number... BITCOINS can also be used

The really cool thing is that you can just copy and paste this over and over again without going through putting your specific link on each email! 
IF you need further help with this, go to HELP and look up "mentor" and I will be happy to be your mentor which this and much more, which is only $15

However! Do not just cut and paste this before reading their reply!  They already know you are cutting and pasting this to them.. so try to personalize it!
If they write, “Oh baby, I really need to get off.”  Write, something like, “Me too!”

A lot of men will give you their number and say how great their voice is or something else just write "sounds yummy," or anything along those lines.. Anything that makes you sound real and NOT robotic. 

Don’t reply to any emails that might make you want to respond negatively. You want the ad to stay put.  If you piss guys off they can ask Craigslist to pull your ad.