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PSO History and More Tips
Hello girls, congratulations and thank-you for joining your very first phone sex site where you get your own page that expresses who you are and what you look like. And for those who are experienced, thanks for joining as well.  

I urge all advisors to make paymails where you can sell photos, recordings, documents, games etc that is available 24/7 at a price that you select (you keep 70%).

ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT ADVICE TO ALL OF YOU IS, You MUST think of this job as BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS! To give YOUR PERSONALITY and have a GOOD personality at that! Be funny, no matter what fetish/niche you are partaking in! Make them feel as if you are their spirit animal, their soul-mate, their kindred spirit, their wife instead of the dead-beat one they have at home!

Be ACCESSIBLE, open, give a little of yourself.

 I will get to EXTREME BITCHERY FIN DOM LATER.. HOWEVER! Those that pull off EXTREME, NON-CARING FIN DOM is rare and brilliant..

A perfect link to this kind of phenomenon is- Study it, say it verbatim while on the phone if you need to. is also your best friend! You need to learn how to research as its really easy to put in phrases such as the ones described below and in all search engines that have to do with phone sex.  I will later let you know which books I have read that really made a difference. is also a complete gem.. yum.. If you're the type to get mesmerized by this stuff, and by the power of artists like this and try to be mentored by these scenarios, you will become a successful independent contractor. I mean, yes, you're a phone sex operator, but according to my parents, I'm an actress, and you GOTTA ACT! 

Before I get into more things as this is advice is new (Dec 27, 2017) is PAYMAIL... You do not work for free! You should have a pay mail charging when people write to you.  It should be laid out center big and clear.. 

An example is: "Thanks for your interest-however this is a pay site.  I am simply charging my per min rate to read, when you think about it, this amt is more then fair to read, comprehend, AND use my creative juices to answer you. Even if it is a yes or no question, understand that I get at last 5 of these kinds of questions daily! If you are a regular, you've already been my pet, I will answer you."

This kind of asking for a tribute DOES for all characters, especially with a name that conjures GFE (girlfriend experience), or girl next door .. You can however, just be, "YOU!"

You should also put in your pay mail that you WILL NOT answer questions such as, "if you are available" I say that if they do ask such questions, it will get them blocked.. It is the most annoying question.. Do not worry about blocking these dickwads, they are time wasters.  EITHER THAT OR JUST do not mail back these idiots! Trust me on this.

Now is the fun part where you learn both a history of my experience as a phone sex operator from 2005 till the present, as well as tips on how to handle all kinds of genres and fetishes that your clients will bring forth. In other words, beneath are real tips on how to make money!

Knowing the history is important because what clients or most clients wanted to talk about in 2005 is much different then what they want to talk about now. I'm not talking about all clients of course but I am talking about different trends that have taken over. Of course, some clients who started with "Girlfriend Experience," might be still into that experience, but my experience has shown me that men have now want to be dominated, feminized, used, degraded, and a whole other mess of things to take over their masculinity. It's not, "oh what are you wearing" anymore. After I explain how to handle each fetish in a succinct manner, I will then write about phone sex in general. For one thing, if you work hard, like any other job, this can be an extremely lucrative business. I know masters at their field who literally put Wall Street yuppies to shame.

Control-Mostly, a shrub either rich, or poor, married or not, need to release their responsibilities.. They go through the non-stop grind of everyday responsibilities that bore the crap out of them and their looking for an out.. Their looking for someone to both control them and they're looking for purpose as their  life feels as if someone has already buried them 16 feet deep in damp, smelly sewer water.. Guess who he's picked.. YOU now this can be one long money-maker called... ready... 

Tease and denial-ruined climax-
The best book to understand this is on amazon and is called, "Male Chastity."

The Girlfriend Experience:
This genre is exactly how it sounds. It falls into the class of the, "vanilla call." You say things like, "you love them," you're their girl, you make up stories of romance and ask, "what is your favorite part of my body, suck it now, kiss it slowly, really slowly, slower then that (money money money); OMG!! Right there!!" “Raw sex… feels so good." This kind of fetish can last very long, or they can burst in 2 seconds (keep notes about your customers in your customers list which is a function in your account page). Vanilla phone sex can also be mutual masturbation calls, oral, hand job calls, etc. I could go on and on... and I will... Back then, vanilla calls were very popular. I once knew a girl who made, and I am not kidding, over 7,000 her first month and all she did was be herself. The men called because her fake photo was absolutely gorgeous and she sometimes gave away alot of photos if her customers were good ones. She would be flirty, talk about her real life, befriend them as if they were the cute guy in the hallway or lift up her skirt to the perve in the bowling alley so he could tell his pissed, beaten down drunk n smelly married friends that she liked him. It worked, they loved her laugh, her cute giggle, the way she looked at them. She’d make a scene as if she was really there. Why not? She knew everything about them, their coloring, eyes, hair, she knew what jobs they had, how lousy they felt about their life (why else are they giving away half of their salary to a phone sex operator?), wife, friends etc. Life was a miserable place and she feigned this awesome canvas that gave it meaning. Easily done, yes. It still happens, there is still a market for this. Then came Feminization:This fetish could have come from many scenarios, and many repressed memories of the fetishist. He could have seen his mother dress in nice hosiery, different colored silky shirts, camisoles, mini skirts, bustle skirts, dainty shoes along with those high heels that made mommy look so pretty. Boots also, with so many more colors then the masculine black, grey or dark blue. He sees his mother escaping into this world of dress-up and make-believe. She then gets taken care of because of this power of beauty. Think Julia Roberts coming out of the elevator being swept off her feet by Richard Gere on her way to the Opera. There was no one person that wasn’t captivated by her beauty. That scene encapsulates dress-up, power and escapism. What men deal with on an everyday basis is arduous work, having to bring home the money which is pure stress, having to be masculine and when they don't have the physical attributes, this is pure pain on their part. Being feminized is soft, escapism, being taken care of and guilty pleasures (very guilty and we'll be covering that soon)! It can also be that he was made fun of as a child or dressed up by his siblings.

Humiliation:Humiliation is sometimes nicely paired with feminization because deep down inside, those that want to be feminized are extremely ashamed of it. Lines such as you are ugly, fat, nauseating, disgusting can be used however, you must also show that you really understand the psyche of what he is really about. The same reasons of why he wants to be humiliated are in the same realm of why he wants to be feminized except it can be something else as well but you aren’t supposed to ask these men too many questions as to why they are like this. If they offer you an explanation, write them down in your customer list notes. The more you know about why a man is calling you, the closer he will feel to you. Blurting out insults might be ok for a 10 minute call but if you want him to be a regular and to see each call grow, do research. Search Google “feminization and shame of men,” or, "why men like to be humiliated by dominant women" etc, along with anything else that might help. Some material I got from “the best of craigslist.” Some lines might sound humorous, but if you say it in such a tone that makes them feel disgusting and inferior, it will do the trick. You are a beautiful women, you are superior to him. "In fact all women are superior to him because women on a whole are the superior gender. They don't even have inside plumbing, they’re maggots who are drones of the earth." Men under this category are usually on the verge of wanting to do anything for women because they cannot satisfy women let alone a beautiful one. "They'll be your muse, they are depressed, ashamed, and pathetic, you are his best asset, you are his new religion." Push him beyond his limits and humiliate him in a way to makes him feel even worse about himself. “You are now owned by me, you will do as I say, you will lick the bottom of my shoes, you will suffer my wrath if you don't do anything and everything for me (be careful not to repeat "GODDESS," saying me once in awhile is mandatory), you are nothing you no longer even have a name, you are a vacuous piece of on and so fourth.” You can also tell him to repeat after you, “I am (your name) pay pig (then make him oink, or sing the Oscar Myer song) and I will jerk off when "say your name-AS GODDESS," allows me to." "I will have sex when given permission and do all assignments given to me. If I do not do as told, I will be blocked! By not only her, but by all of my Goddess’s friends. I am a useless ogre with only one thing that gives my life meaning and that is serving my GODDESS!”  Please put anything like this in your own words.

Cuckolding -Urban Definition-A sexually inadequate husband who accepts his wife's pussy is her property and she alone decides which men she will fuck, even if it means denying her husband. His only access to her pussy is to clean it of the ejaculate of males she chooses to fuck. Doug has the penis of a young boy and has never given his wife Jill an orgasm. His choice was divorce or be a cuckold. He is now a fully submissive cuckold to Jill. Those that want to be cuckolded are true submissives. He also is sometimes told to fluff (give blow jobs to, to get them ready to fuck) the men that she is fucking. When a man asks for this fantasy, you must ask him if he wants you to cuckold him or is there someone in his real life that he wants you to be. All you have to do is search this term and plenty literature is on the net. Sometimes, men tell you stories of his girl cuckolding him, if this happens, allow the cuckold to talk. Listen carefully because if you are suppose to say something either answering a question, or a simple “aha” he will think you aren’t paying attention. Once that happens, he will hang up and give you bad feedback!

- This fetish is usually coupled with humiliation but it could also be that he wants to worship your body. Ask those that like body worship whats their favorite part of your body. I can be extremely dominant, or I can be sexually/sweetly dominant, what are you used to?” "I can make you go way beyond your limits, do you have any limits?" Is a question to ask right away. If he asks for body worship, I usually say, “you’re a submissive, you think you deserve to touch me?" "You must serve me first. You understand, after-all, we just met, let’s see how submissive you are.” Then wait, tease him...”Look at these perfect breasts, hmm let me take your hand and put them ever so close to my beautiful erect nipple.” "Erect, so surprising as you’re a freaking maggot to me yet they went from soft to erect. Purely a physical reaction, don’t take that personally!" "Now, as I take your hand and slightly allow you to slide down oh so close to my panties which are so low cut next to my g-spot and pussy!” “Let’s lay down in my magical bed surrounded by X AND X (your imagination describe romance).

If he asks for blackmail, I will read him the definition of blackmail, especially the part that says "coercion involving threats of physical harm, threat of criminal prosecution, or threats for the purposes of taking the person's money or property." Fact is, the only thing you can benefit from over the internet is to get his password and username in order to tribute yourself.  Ask him at the beginning of the call if he's ever successfully been blackmailed before. If he says he has, which is most likely a lie, ask him his hard limits. What has he done in his life that he regrets.. This one is especially hard and honestly is really hard to be good at..Woman who are good at this make serious bank! a book on Amazon that explains this is, "Greed a Guide To Financial Domination." Some women that specialize in blackmail and this subject was never my specialty, but the one thing I've done was "raise the raise." Get them going and after 15-19 minutes, hang up and raise the rate at least $.40 more. Most do call back if you can use a bit of hypnosis. In the past, I've recorded clients on free software called, "Audacity," and they've told me very personal information about themselves and I've gotten tributes like that, but this is not easy.  The best way to do it is to either learn erotic hypnosis, or when you hear them really getting aroused.  Raising the rate took me awhile to feel out if the person will call back on the raised rate. Regulars, and those that are adrenaline junkies, like "raise the rate." Those that want to be used and abused also like that.
Another way to do this is to make MANY AND I mean several affordable sexy pay mails, mp3's with photos. Men like assignments, chastity, control, anything to get them to not think about how pathetic, lonely and futile their life has becum. hee :)

Here are some more tips: The first tip beyond any other tip even though we are not a trolling site is to put your photo and profile up on and . Writing interesting details about where you are working, facts about your personality and sharing photos even if you only have a few to share will be an asset that can make money by selling the link to your Facebook page and twitter page separately as you take calls. Men love the feeling of getting closer to whom they are calling and reading excerpts of your hot weekend rendezvous will be a major turn-on for them. Make sure you include links back to your listing. Be prepared to be talk. Not just moan. Be prepared to hear all kinds of voices, and think of the bank coming in per minute because some voices might be really disgusting to listen to. Have some lozenges and water on hand as well. To make money you’ve got to keep the caller on the phone for as long as possible. If you are a real beginner, it is best to try to find a mentor. Otherwise it will be trial and error all of the way. If you are a true beginner, start by saying after you are prompted to introduce yourself: PSO-”Hello, how are you, my name is K. Client-Hello, I am fine. PSO-”Great, so what is your name Client-Hello K, I am X. PSO- Hello X Make sure to repeat his name! It serves two purposes. One, he loves hearing his name, two, repeating his name allows you to remember his name! PSO-So, what kind of session are you interested in.” Or, “What fetishes interest you.” This is perfect if you are a no-taboo type of girl (or anything goes). Client-bla bla bla just talk and give me money... Other introductory lines after you have said, “how are you my name is X” could be anything you feel comfortable with but that line has gotten me past 7 plus years of phone sex. Unless you get into his mind, psyche (that word is great to use on your profile btw) as to what his fetish is, his interests, what triggered him to call you, or, sometimes if you feel it out, what made him specifically call you! Sometimes a guy will talk and you can tell that he called you because you remind him of someone. That’s an easy 20 minute call. “Who do you remind him of.” “Tell me about her.” “When did this happen,” Obviously he is still thinking of her or, was it your photo that brought back memories etc. Try to be almost like a psychiatrist just asking the right questions, getting him to talk, try to get him to make a “breakthrough” (yeah right). He’s high, he can talk forever.... then, just when you can’t milk him anymore about this bitch that he’s thinking of, get sexy, slowly though, seriously... slowly! Sometimes it’s not about phone sex at all and he’s just drunk or stoned and wants to talk and it’s usually very pathetic but just try to keep him on the line! You can do all of your research, read this and that and still, be quite nervous.. I’ve been there. I’ve had the 30 second call, I’ve had it for a bit, but I guarantee you, it will all of a sudden pop and you will feel comfortable and the money will come. This blurb that you are reading is meant to not only make you feel comfortable taking your first call in what could be a very lucrative endeavor. But it can also make speaking to clients, fun. Once you have made them either “do the deed,” or, talk to you for a very long time as if you were a friend, but most women actually get quite interested in all that is out there as far as sex, life since most of your clients will be older then you, and even new topics such as hypno doms which consist of hypnosis and erotic hypnosis. Other topics will be discussed. In general, sharing ANYTHING real about your life is a slippery slope, and if you do, try to be honest.. Having said that if you are 50, knock off 20 years from the year you were born! Remember that year, they will ask. Remember where you were born and if you have more than one listing I suggest making a folder titled, “Pillow Whisper Facts About Myself, “ and make separate documents for each of your profiles (think of them as your aliases) with all of the facts about yourself. For example, if one listing (profile) is from x and is born on X, then write a separate page with this information and save it in your folder titled, “That Username” and put that in the folder titled, “Pillow Whisper Facts About Myself.” This page should include all other facts that you tell your clients about yourself. It is a bad idea to tell different clients, on one listing different facts about yourself. Listing or profile number two, make a separate document called, “That Username” which is username number two or profile number two. No matter how gorgeous your photo is on your profile, it’s always you! If a client says they saw your photo on another site, say that you used to do fetish modeling and you get commission from those that buy your photos. A caller might ask your real name. I suggest you feel it out, but its best to always say you are who your listing says you are if you are a Goddess or a Mistress, this is what you do in real life and you are to be called GODDESS (or Mistress) accordingly. The only time you embellish on who you really are (or what lies you remember) is when you are not a Goddess, Fem Dom or a Mistress! If you are either, you are in control! You are a mystery to them, you control them, and they love the discipline, they come for the discipline. If you are a Goddess or a Mistress, they most likely have a very high powered job and want to escape from their nagging, sagging witch in the kitchen who makes their meatloaf and who makes sure their suits are clean so plastics can pay for their facials. She’s also mostly vanilla and he’s bored. They could also be complete rich loser fund baby’s who also love discipline, being humiliated, and love hearing that they have the personality of a used condom, that roaches wouldn’t have sex with them, that mirrors were always their greatest enemies. Big dick or small dick it never did them any good so you’re going to make them into the real fuckers they were meant to be. You are finally going to give their pathetic lives meaning.. (oh yeah, this is when they want to be humiliated). It took me awhile to know if these guys wanted this.. You can tell if: They can hardly speak They want to try sucking cock Ok, now that we have discussed keeping your lies straight, how your photo is only you, and a wee bit about humiliation and the psyche of the clients who wanted it, its now onto more tips. You must give your undivided attention. You can arrange the sock draw or maybe fold towels, but no washing dishes and doing anything in the kitchen! The client knows if they don’t have your full concentration, and they’ll call you out on it by not calling you back AND giving you bad feedback. If you are the kind of girl that gets off on guys getting off, by all means, get some nice toys! They want to hear it. The only bad thing is is that once you come, they might go; so wait a bit before the cum and go. You want to make money, the sex will come only you’ll be able to afford nice sheets to cum on, along with the real thing because you’ll also be able to afford whack nice clothes! #phone sex#free cam#phone and cam#history of phone sex#how to make money doing phone sex

FINANCIAL DOMINATION: first link to look at is the link in the first paragraph, .. Second to do is go to amazon and type in financial domination.. Tons of stuff there..