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Phone Sex Tips
Until We make a couple of more categories, the next tip has to do with how to get customers back after you have missed their call!  Click on This Link and you will see the date of when the last customer called you, you will also see on the upper right, "Start Chat." This means that the customer might be on the site. Just click "Start Chat," and see if he writes back. That is all..Do not have a huge chatting session! Either he will call or not.  In general, if someone has "paypig," or "ATM" in their names, don't give out a free minute because it means they are into getting financially dominated. Actually its those idiots with names like that, that are actually CHEAP as F**k! This however is individual, some newbies may want to give out one free minute to whoever have missed when they tried to call you. Don't give out more then one minute!

Back to tips:
Working as a phone sex operator, or phone actress can be the ideal profession for those who enjoy making their own hours, working from home, and working creatively in the field of erotica.

Here are a few tips:

  • Make sure you have sexy photos in your listing.  A picture of you in Walmart wearing your down jacket won't motivate clients to call you.
  • Make the blurb next to your listing creative and provocative.  Go beyond "I'm wet come fuck me". 
  • NEVER EVER write that you are inexperienced. Then again if you say you are inexperienced in phone sex, let it be known that you are VERY experienced in real life.. Or that you just LOVE masturbating and fucking and you are "oh so naughty," and you can't wait to explore his and your fantasies.... That is really the last thing you want to write. Get experienced by searching erotica and fetishes on the net as well as looking at my tips.
  • Some sites to explore is (go to site and look for erotic stories under "dating forum" you don't have to belong to the site) and
  • IF A CUSTI WANTS PERSONAL INFO ABOUT YOURSELF DO NOT SAY, "NO." Why not give information about yourself? I personally tell them the truth about myself, that way I will be consistent... However, If I you have several listings and he is a client on more than one listing, you obviously have to tell him different info about yourself (or lie) on the other listings.. Take notes, write down what you tell him so he doesn't catch you in a lie.. If he does, that can be goodbye to a potential regular which also says goodbye to a nice paycheck!
  • Answer the phone and talk conversationally.  First ask him his name.  "So, what's your name, or for Doms, "what's your name pet (although I don't say pet you might want to add master if you're submissive).
  • You can create multiple listings in different categories.  If you're Latin you should have a listing in the Latina section.  If you're black in the Ebony section. Clients search on these categories.
  • To become a phone sex operator, you must learn about the many different sexual interests, or fetishes you may be required to talk about with clients over the phone. Familiarize yourself with erotica and sexual interests / fetishes. Go on amazon and download on kindle different genres.  If you enjoy reading it, you'll enjoy this gig more.
  • Phone sex operators often speak to a variety of clients who have specific sexual interests, which will require you to be familiar with a wide range of topics; including bondage, discipline, and sadomasochism (BDSM).
  • Clients also love role-play of course and that is where sites like warpmymind and adultfriendfinder comes in. I never thought I was good at role-play until I read these stories.. Also google erotica. Lots of other sites out there to read.
  • Perform a Web search using keywords such as "sexual fetishes", "common phone sex topics", or "BDSM" to learn more about various phone sex topics.
  • Determine whether you have any "taboos" that you will not feel comfortable discussing with clients. In the phone sex industry, taboos are defined as topics that you may be emotionally or mentally unable to discuss with clients for personal reasons. Most phone sex companies prefer to hire phone sex operators who lack taboos; some companies, however, are understanding and will allow you to have one or more taboos.
  • Make sure you have a room or space in your home that will allow you to conduct phone sex calls uninterrupted.
  • Be prepared to be talking A LOT. Not just moaning, TALKING, TO CREEPY SOUNDING STRANGERS! Have some lozenges and water on hand.
  • To make the big bucks you’ve got to keep the caller on the line for a long time.  Sharing ANYTHING real about your life is a slippery slope, one I don’t suggest indulging in; the warm refuge of the phone sex operator is her (or his) capacity to lie. Your caller will always want your name, where you are, what you’re wearing and what turns you on, which I’m sure you assumed. But your caller may also want your favorite movie, what sports team you like, if you’re drunk or on drugs, how many siblings you have, if you’re down to party, what you want to be, are you sure they sound attractive, what sign you are, are you gay are you shaved, what are your hopes and dreams? Yeah. Time is money, so embellish; just be sure to keep all your lies straight.
  • Take notes.  Pillow-Whisper lets you take notes while on a call.  Knowing what your client likes is key to keeping regulars coming back.
  • You’ll broaden your vocabulary of dirty talk.  Some clients like PG others want to hear XXX.  Be prepared for both.
  • Can you give your undivided attention? When I started I thought I could wash dishes, clean my apartment or manage my email accounts. Beware — the client knows if they don’t have your full concentration, and they’ll call you out on it.
  • Be prepared to simulate masturbation, or actually masturbate, many times, per day.
  • Many of my calls aren’t about sex, at all, but about love, loneliness and reassurance. Many of the people I talked to just wanted someone to listen and to feel wanted, or wanted to hash out a fight with their girlfriend. It’s less expensive than therapy, with a sexier return.
  • There are new fetishes such as therapy for ATM pigs, and phone addicts, if you think you can handle that, that's an option.
  • VERY important and something that I began to use is something called ASMR. Google it...I used to use it in the background but now I give them the image that I'm whispering in their ear, giving them brain tingles.. yet still articulating my words and speaking loud enough for them to hear me.
  • Go to and research "sleep sounds," "ocean Waves" once you do that, so much more will pop up that will slow down their brain waves!
  • Sign up to be a prime member on amazon and buy lots of free prime books...such as:
  • Double Hypno-Enslavement
  • The Interview (great way to learn hypnosis induction)
  • Hot Erotica Stories
  • Sissy Humiliation
  • How to talk Dirty
  • Kinky Collection