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Pay Mail Buttons
Hey, did you know there are more ways to make money other then taking calls! Selling  offerings- photos, recordings, documents, games etc that is available 24/7 at a price that you select (you keep 70%).

You can place them anywhere on the Internet, whether it's on your listing or your personal website or in email.  After you make your listing. 

Creating Pay Mail Buttons:

  1. Go to My Account > View Pay Mail Buttons and press Create Button to the right of the page.
  2. Set the Payment Amount
  3. Fill in the other info
  4. Next to Type of Mail Select:
  • Payment Requests are generally for customers to Tribute you (send money at a price that you select which is available 24/7).
  • Pay-To-View is reserved for selling your uploaded offerings..You must add a description to your offerings

    3. Then click Update Payment Button and you're done

    Adding Pay Mail Buttons to Your Listing:

    1. After you create your Pay Mail Buttons edit your listing (go My Account and click edit next to your listing)
    2. At Editor Functions select a Pay Mail Button from the list and click Add Pay Mail Button
    3. To see your button go to the bottom of your editor window