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PW Chat
In addition to PW Mail you can communicate via PW Chat.  This enables communication between logged on members via Chat.
  • You can have more than one chat sessions with multiple members at the same time
  • You can switch between sessions using the chat session bar at the top of the page
  • you can navigate to any page on the website and your chat sessions stay with you
There are several types of Chat:
  • Client to Adviser Chat - Clients can start a chat session with any adviser from their listing page.  If the adviser is logged on there will be a Start Free Chat link.
  • Adviser to Client Chat - In My Account>Clients>View Details.   In the Logged In column it will say Start Chat if the client is logged in.  Just click on Start Chat to start a chat session with your client.
  • Event Chat - The event promoter can initiate a chat session with the adviser from the Create Event page or adviser and or other event participants Event Subscribers page for an existing event.   
  • Network Chat - You can start a chat session with members of your network on the My Network_page
  • Phone Call Chat -The adviser can start a session with all the members on a phone call
  • Mentor Chat - Mentor and Proteges can initiate chat sessions with each other.  See Find a Mentor to learn more.
  • Admin Chat - If need be a site admin can start chat sessions  with members