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How to Make Calls
Making calls is easy:
  1. When you found the person that you want to call just click on some_text and follow the directions
  2. Your phone rings and we connect you. Just pay the per minute rate for as long as you wish to speak
  3. Once connected refresh and click on the Video link (see below for more details) to view the person you're calling - Please note this only applies to Phone with CAM listings
  • If it's a one to one call or you are the first caller in a joined call the adviser can view you too
  • If you allow joined call you can profit from your call

*** Your call is completely anonymous.  Your personal information is never revealed.

If you're doing video calls please check these CAM/Video Walk Throughs.

To call a listing from 855-759-4477 (855-PL-WHSPR).  Just go to the listing and move your mouse over Learn How to Call Me at and follow the directions.