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My Network
You can build a Network and earn money from calls made by members in your down-line

How do I build my Network?
  1. First you create your Network Code so that others can use it to join your network. You can create or change your Network Code here My Personal Info
  2. Have your prospective network members register with a credit card
  3. Have your prospective members go to My Network and enter the Network Code
  4. That's all.  They are now in your network.
  5. New members have one week from the time they register to join someone else's network.
  6. Once someone joins your network you cannot join someone else's network.

How do I earn money?

  • Your network can have 5 down-line levels of members
  • You earn a percentage of the fees paid for phone calls by your down-line network members
  • You are not required to spend any money to earn commissions
  • Each level earns 2% of all down-line of phone call fees (not including the connection charge)
  • You collect a commission on each down-line network member for a year

Here's an example of how an Adviser can get clients into her Network:

  1. She goes to My Account > Edit Personal Info and enters a network code into Network Code.   For example it could be LOLITA.
  2. She puts a link to this your listing address on your website or emails to potential clients:
  3. She tells clients to click on the Call Me Button.  That will allow them to call you after registering and getting 10 free minutes.
  4. Tell them to go to My Account > My Network and enter LOLITA in Enter the Network Code.  Now the client is in her network!