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Registering - Adviser
What do I need to register as an adviser?
To register and create your first listing all you need is 4 photo's:
  • The front of a government issued photo ID, like a drivers license, proving you're at least 18 years old (the proof picture only has to match the listing's picture for CAM listings)
  • The back of your government issued photo ID
  • A small photo - typically a head shot (These last 2 photos are for your listing that will be seen by clients)
  • A larger photo typically a full body shot.  Advanced users can use their own HTML.
What Information will I be asked for?
Simply follow the instructions in the registration process, where we'll ask for your email address and invite you to choose a member name and password. We also need your phone number in order to connect you to your clients.  We will not disclose either of your numbers.

How do I Register and Create my First Listing?

Just click here and follow directions