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Content Guildlines
To help keep your account in good standing, we suggest taking a few minutes to review this outline of our policies.
What am I not allowed to put on my listing or event?
  • Personal contact information such as an email address, physical address or instant messenger IDs
  • Advertisements for in-person meetings
  • Links to competitive services
  • Advertisements and Banner Ads
  • Prohibited content
  • Anything about children
  • Photos containing nudity or pornographic content
  • Copyright protected material
  • Feedback promotions or other content that undermines the integrity of the feedback system including responses to negative feedback
  • Free minute promotions
  • Contests
  • Donations
  • Obtaining and Using Sensitive Personal Information
  • Sale of personal items
  • Sale of bulk minutes, cam-only, or text-only
What category should I put my listing in?

Your category should describe you and the type of service you provide, not the callers you are trying to attract. Take a look at our Category Requirements below for more details!

What am I not allowed to talk about or provide to my customers?
  • Personal contact information
  • Prohibited content
  • Anything about children
  • Links to competitive services
  • Free minute promotions
  • Contests
  • Donations
  • Sale of personal items
Sale of bulk minutes, cam-only, or text-only
Personal Contact Information
Pillow-Whisper recommends that you do not disclose personal contact information to Members. If you choose to reveal this information, you do so at your own risk. Additionally, Pillow-Whisper does not recommend or encourage Members touse the Pillow-Whisper site to solicit other Members to meet with them in person. Therefore, Pillow-Whisper does not permit Advisers to create listings that advertise escort services or in-person meetings.

To protect the privacy of our Members, Pillow-Whisper does not permit Advisers to post their personal contact information, such as an email address, phone number, mailing address, or instant messenger IDs on their Adviser Profile or listings. Also, we ask that Advisers treat their webcam IDs as a password and that they do not post this information on their listings.

If a Member leaves personal contact information about themselves or about you in feedback, fill out a Customer Support Form and select "Advisers: Feedback and Ratings" from the drop-down menu so that we may remove it. Please see the Privacy Policy if you have questions about the use of information you provide to Pillow-Whisper.

Personal Websites
You are permitted to post links on Pillow-Whisper to your personal website if that site provides customers with additional information that would help a customer decide whether or not to place a call to you. Advisers are not permitted to post links or URLs in Member Photos or Listing Titles. We do ask that if you link to your site from Pillow-Whisper, give us the courtesy of linking back to Pillow-Whisper from your site.  

Advisers are not permitted to post links/URLs on Pillow-Whisper to the following types of websites:
  • Merchandise-only sites other than wish-lists
  • Websites that include personal contact information, such as a non-Pillow-Whisper phone number
  • Websites that solicit payment outside of Pillow-Whisper for a competitive service. Pillow-Whisper considers the following to be competitive services: phone calls, Webcam, tributes/donations, recorded content, and content exchanged via email, such as photos.
Please note that Advisers may not provide Members with alternative payment methods (such as PayPal, checks, money orders,etc.) for the above mentioned services.

As long as your site, twitter feed, or social network is in compliance with these rules, you may post it on your Adviser Profile and listing!

We do our best to allow Members freedom to run their own business while also enforcing our policies. We do not want to restrict Advisers, especially those with an established business outside of Pillow-Whisper, by not permitting them to do link exchanges and such on their personal sites. Therefore, we do not monitor banner ads on personal sites. However, banner ads to direct competitors will not be permitted. A site that only points to banners and does not provide any additional information about the Adviser will not be permitted. But as long as the banners are simply that - banners - and not other ways to contact or pay that Adviser, we allow it. Personal Websites is perhaps the most subjective policy we have and the hardest thing to regulate. We want you to point to your site to entice callers to call you, but we can't allow Advisers to send our customers to their sites so they can be paid outside of Pillow-Whisper. It is true that a customer could come to Pillow-Whisper and find themselves on another site all together. This is true about most sites in the Adult Industry.If we were to prevent banner ads on personal sites, it would deter people from posting their personal sites which we feel often entices customers to place calls.

If you are unsure whether or not you are permitted to post a link on Pillow-Whisper to your personal website, fill out a Customer Support Form and select "Policies and Abuse" from the drop-down menu. Please be sure to include your Member Name and the URL of the website in question so that we may review it.

Advertisements and Banner Ads
Pillow-Whisper does not permit Advisers to post banner ads or other forms of advertisement for third-party companies on their Adviser Profile and listings.This includes links to photo hosting sites or other links that advertise a site in exchange for using their services. If you can click on your photo and it takes you to another site or there is a logo advertising the site or service on a widget, it is not allowed.
Pillow-Whisper also does not permit Pillow-Whisper Affiliates to place Affiliate Creative (banners, links, and codes) on Adviser Profiles or listings. Affiliate Creative are meant for advertising Pillow-Whisper outside of the the site and may not be used on

Prohibited Content
When creating content for listings and PW Mail, Advisers are expected to follow all applicable federal, state, and local laws, regulations, and ordinances relating to obscene and indecent content and communications. Pillow-Whisper specifically prohibits any listing or mail that includes, without limitation,the following subject matter:
  • Child Pornography or any depiction of a child. Discussions about your kids, what you were like before you were 18, or kids in general is not allowed. Wish lists with children's items and images of children are also not allowed. If a photo includes a minor under the age of 18, it is not permitted on Pillow-Whisper.
  • Bestiality, including images of animals
  • Rape Sex and Rape Fantasies
  • Incest and Incest Fantasies including "step" relations and "Daddy," "Mommy," "Grandmother," "Aunt," or any fantasy about a family member. Even a third cousin twice removed. No family relations, period. You may use terms like Grandma, Mother, or the like if, and only if, you are describing your character. While you may use the term MILF or GILF no other terms for "Mother", "Daddy", "Grandmother" or other family members are allowed in your Member Name.
  • Underage Role-Play, including all types of Age Play.
  • Toilet, Scat, Urination, Enemas, Roman Showers and Menstrual content, or anything related or that could be construed as one of these topics.
  • ABDL (Adult Baby Diaper Lovers), Adult Babies
  • Fisting
  • Racial slurs
Please read our Adviser Policy for more information.

Category Requirements
Advisers may only create listings that are relevant to the categories they are placed in and may only place one listing in each category. Once you choose one of the top level categories to describe yourself (Find Men, Find Women or Find Transgender), all of your listings must be in that 'top level' category. Keep in mind that women may not create listings in the "Find Men"categories. The category you place your listing in should describe your character, not the callers you are trying to attract. Please note that the actual gender of the person taking the calls is not of concern, but rather the character or the fantasy being provided.

Additionally, Advisers with listings in the following categories must be able to satisfy the following requirements:
  • Phone with Cam: Advisers in the Phone with Cam categories must be able to provide webcam with phone calls. Advisers that are unable to provide webcam at a given time should not list themselves as available to take phone calls on a Phone with Cam listing. Advisers are not permitted to offer "cam-only" shows, which are shows that do not include a phone service.
  • "Find Women > Couples" & "Find Men > Multiples:" Two people must be available on the call! All participants on the call must be Pillow-Whisper member who have accepted the Member Agreement.
Pillow-Whisper does not permit photos that contain nudity, pornographic material, models under the age of 18, or content that violates our Adviser Policy.This includes photos with models wearing transparent clothing, photos of sext oys, and cartoon depictions of pornography and sexual activity. Photos containing nude models that have been altered to hide the nudity are permitted.

As stated in Pillow-Whisper's Photo Policy,we do not permit nudity or pornographic images on Adviser Profiles or listings.We consider nudity to include any portion of genitalia, female nipple and areola, or "butt crack." Photos of a model wearing clothing that is sheer and allows any of the above mentioned portions of their body to be seen are not permitted.

We do allow photos that are altered to cover the nudity. This includes graphics or strategically placed hands or other objects. However, the nudity must be completely covered and may not be covered by flesh-colored graphics. Nude female breasts are not permitted. If a model in the Transgender category has breasts which were augmented to appear as female breasts, they may not appear as nude. If a model’s body is male, the photos may be topless. In addition,displaying fully exposed breasts that do not have nipples, regardless of if itis natural or an altered image, is not permitted. We also allow photos of models wearing thong underwear as long as it is apparent that the model is wearing underwear. If you have a photo of a model in a thong but the thong cannot be seen and there is "crack" showing, we will not permit the photo. We do not allow images containing pubic hair.

In regards to pornographic images, Pillow-Whisper does not permit photos of sex toys, specifically dildos, or images of models engaging in sexually explicit activity, even if that activity is covered by graphics.

We also do not permit photos of bodily fluids or any photo containing an animal or a stuffed animal as photos containing stuffed animals can be construed as bestiality or under age fantasies.

Advisers are permitted to send nudity and pornographic content via PW Mail.

Please read our Photo Policy for more information.

Copyright Protected Material
Pillow-Whisper may not be used to transmit, route, provide connections to, or tore any material that infringes the copyrighted works or violates or promotes the violation of the intellectual property rights of any third party.

If you believe that your work has been copied on the Pillow-Whisper site in away that constitutes copyright infringement, please refer to Section 12 of the Member Agreement for instructions on how to file a claim with Pillow-Whisper’s Copyright Agent,

Pillow-Whisper does not permit Advisers to take any actions that may undermine the integrity of the feedback system. This includes giveaways in exchange for ratings, placing calls to accounts you own with the intent of leaving positive feedback, and placing calls to other Advisers with the intent of leaving negative feedback. Advisers are not allowed to leave responses to negative feedback ontheir Adviser Profile or listings without customer consent.

If you would like to dispute feedback left on your listing, your proper avenue of complaint is fill out a Customer Support Form and select "Policies and Abuse" from the drop down menu. You should not email the Member to complain.

For more information, please read our Feedback Removal Policy.

Information About Callers
Advisers may not post customers' Member Names, details about calls, information about a Member, or photos of a Member on their listings without their consent as such activities constitute harassment, which is a violation of the Member Agreement.

Free Minute Promotions
Advisers may not offer free minutes in exchange for ratings or written feedback.

Pillow-Whisper does not permit contests, promotions, drawings, or games of chance.

Soliciting donations from Pillow-Whisper members for services not related to the service you are providing on Pillow-Whisper is not permitted. This includes running specials on your listings, sending PW Mail stating all or a portion of your earnings will be donated, creating Payment Mail Buttons for donations, or anything of the like.

Obtaining and Using Sensitive Personal Information
Advisers are not permitted to gain access to or use other people's sensitive personal information, even if the member requests it. This includes, but is not limited to, credit card numbers, passwords, Social Security Numbers, and bank account information. Advisers are not permitted to use any type of remote desktop software to access a member's computer or add counters, trackers, or similar code to their Adviser Profiles or listings.

Sale of Personal Items
Pillow-Whisper does not permit the sale or giveaway of personal items such as undergarments, used hygienic products, or the like. Additionally, the site is not intended for use as a payment service to exchange physical goods. If you have to send it outside of the Pillow-Whisper platform or through the mail to receive it, it’s not allowed.

Sales of Bulk Minutes, Cam-only, or Text-only
Advisers are not permitted to sell bulk minutes for talk time, cam time or instant message/text time nor may Advisers sell cam or text services without a corresponding Pillow-Whisper call. Because we are not able to monitor that the service was provided, we do not permit this service to be exchanged through our service. In addition, you may not provide an alternative payment method for cam or text time.

If we receive verifiable information that a Adviser has not provided a service that was previously paid for, we will debit the funds from the Adviser in order to pay the customer back. Therefore it is imperative that you only sells services on Pillow-Whisper that can be provided on Pillow-Whisper.