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How to Take Calls
After your listings are set up all you need to do is pickup the phone.  This number will be displayed when you're being called: 1-855-759-4477When you pick up the phone the guys user name and the per minute rate is announced.  You'll be asked to press one to take the call.

You do not need to be logged in to take calls.  You can set your Cell Phone as the phone number to be called.  It's better to take a call and tell the client when to call back then not take the call.  Clients won't be charged for calls under 30 seconds.

When you're available and your availability status is "I'm Taking Calls", we'll send calls to the "Call Me at" phone number you have selected.  

How to change your availability with a text message:

If you have Caller ID, you can change your availability via a text message.  For directions go to My Account and click on    next to: You can also text your availability.

Note: if you decline a call, your availability status will automatically change to "I'm Not Taking Calls."  You must then go into your account and change your status back to "I'm Taking Calls".

When a call is come in a call info display will popup.

When you're on a Pillow-Whisper call your other Pillow-Whisper accounts will be set to mail-only when a customer is running out of money during a call, we'll let you know by playing the Recharge Alert. The Recharge Alert announces "One minute remaining" and lets Advisers and customers know that the customer is 60 seconds away from running out of money in their Pillow-Whisper balance. After those last 60 seconds are up, the customer will be prompted to add funds to their Pillow-Whisper balance in order to continue with the call.