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You can subscribe in advance to join calls between any adviser and client that allow it. When you subscribe you will be called and conferenced in to the subsciber's next call. You control your availability to get calls. You can subscribe to as many advisers as you want. You pay the Subscribe Rate also known as the Call Joining Rate which is often lower then the advisor's normal rate. Some advisers offer free minutes. You are eligible for these free minutes if this is the first time you are on a call with this adviser, your last call was not totally free and you have at least five dollars in your account at the time of the call. When you join a call the client and adviser share the earnings from your call.

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Subscribe to calls on this listing of Mariahgotass
Topic: Women Home Alone>Sex
Per Minute Subscribe Rate: $0.90
First Time Free Mins:   1
Naughty lady ready for fun!
women home alone>sex
$2.25per min.