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You can subscribe in advance to join calls to any participating adviser. When you subscribe you will be called and conferenced in to this subscriber's next call. You control your availability to get calls. You can subscribe to as many advisers as you want. You pay the Subscribe Rate also known as the Call Joining Rate which is often lower than the adviser's normal rate. Some advisers offer Free Minutes to first time subscribers. You are eligible for these free minutes if this is your first call to this adviser, your last call was not totally free and you have at least five dollars in your account when the call starts.
Subscribe Rate: $3.00
First Time Free Mins: 0
You can create an event that other clients can subscribe to. For an event you pay the adviser's per minute call rate but you share with the adviser the earnings from all subscribers to the event. You decide when to trigger the event. Before triggering the event you can see the number of subscriptions to that event.
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Ext: 7418
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Short for Promoter Score. This rates the experience of the promoter or client. The number represents time spent on calls and the variety of advisers called. Clients report more confidence in higher PScore ratings.